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Featuring self-closing action, DORMOTION damping mechanism, and telescopic sliders

Compact, flexible, multifaceted Muto

Easy operation
Introducing MUTO, the new manual sliding door system from DORMA, designed to impress with an extensive range of features for enhanced ease of operation:

  • Self-closing option
  • DORMOTION (DORMA SoftClose®) damping mechanism
  • Door position status indicator

Versatile solution
MUTO manual sliding door systems provide adaptable solutions:

  • Suitable for glass, wood, and other door panel solutions for both light and heavy doors weighing from 110 lb to 440 lb (50 kg to 200 kg)
  • Easily installed and adjusted, with a removable front cover
  • Unparalleled design in multiple finishes; choose from aluminum, similar to satin stainless, or over 200 custom RAL colors
  • Synchro and telescopic models

Majoring in convenience

MUTO – user-friendly options, individually configurable systems.

Self-closing. Hassle-free.
MUTO automatically closes the door once it has been opened – quietly and without a power supply. An enhancement to any interior.

DORMOTION – the elegant DORMA Softclose® damping mechanism.
The epitome of elegant convenience, the DORMOTION function gently decelerates the door panel over the last few inches, taking it automatically and quietly to its end opened or closed position.

Extraordinary convenience housed in a slim profile.
The MUTO system impresses by virtue of its compact elegance and extensive functionality, creating a sliding door system with enhanced user-friendliness. Optional convenience features include power-free selfclosing and a status indicator that allows the door to be monitored from anywhere in the building. The system is also available in Synchro and Telescopic versions.

Status indicator – everything under control.
The optional status indicator ensures that the sliding door can be monitored with remarkable ease. As soon as the door opens or closes, a status signal is transmitted to the building management system or an indicator lamp – an important benefit in buildings requiring professional facility management capability.


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